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Tighten Up: Conduct a Pre-Drive Safety Check

Many accidents are caused by simple forgetfulness: leaving doors unlatched, awnings up or steps attached. Create a step-by-step checklist, and like a pilot on a jet, conduct a “walk-around” visual inspection before driving away. A preflight checklist should include:

  • Making sure bay doors are closed and latched.
  • Double-checking tow bar and safety cables.
  • Disconnecting all power, TV, phone, water and sewer lines.
  • Retracting jacks, steps, and awnings.
  • Looking under the rig for signs of fluid leaks.
  • Checking oil, transmission and coolant levels.
  • Checking air brakes, parking brake and tow brakes.
  • Making sure stove, oven and heater burners are not lit.
  • Checking the propane tank for leaks and intake/exhaust lines for blockages.
  • Inspecting tire inflation pressure and tread wear.
  • Making sure smoke and propane leak detectors are working.
  • Checking your surroundings (weather, overhangs and ground hazards).
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