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Tips for Packing Up a Campsite

It’s time to go home

Let’s be honest, no one loves the conclusion of a vacation. Especially if that vacation is spent enjoying the wonderful and beautiful great outdoors. However, packing up a campsite is a reality that must be faced by all RVers, unpleasant as it may be. With a few simple tips, though, you can efficiently and effectively pack up your campsite.

Designate clear roles

It is helpful to have a pack up checklist (we’ll include a basic one below) for your family and your rig. Having a list allows you to clearly divvy up the tasks between whoever is on the current camping adventure. The night before you leave, it’s smart to have a family meeting to discuss who will be responsible for each item on the checklist. If you laminate your checklist, you can use a white erase marker for each person to cross off the list as they accomplish them. Make the packing up process more fun by having a reward or incentive for when the job is done.

Start Early

Make sure you are absolutely clear on what time your checkout time is, and start the packing process early. When you meet as a family the night before departure, discuss what tasks can be done that evening to make the morning less stressful. Things tend to get forgotten, stowed incorrectly, or left behind when packing is done in a rush. Skip the panic packing and get as much done the night before as you can.

Plan Wisely

There are certain days of the week (we’re looking at you Sunday) that are much more popular for checkouts at an RV campground. If your plans are flexible, try checking out on a weekday. This will help you avoid long lines and delays for checking out.

When planning out how to accomplish packing up the site, it’s wise to work your way from outside to in.

Do it right the first time

As you pack up items, make sure to clean them and stow them in an orderly manner. Doing this will help make your next trip a breeze. If things are properly cleaned, broken down, and stowed away there will be far less work to tackle once you actually get home.

Packing and stowing an RV is a task that is easier for everyone to contribute to if storage is clearly labeled. Before you even hit the road, grab a label maker and mark up bins and cabinets so everyone can help keep everything in its place.

When loading the RV back up, make sure you are once again considering weight distribution. Overloading the RV on one side could result in uneven wear or even a blown tire.

Simple Checklist

Below is a basic checklist for packing up an RV campsite. Use this as a beginning list to modify and add to suit your rig and your family.

  • Gather, stow and secure loose items.
  • Turn off the water heater and the pump.
  • Close all vents on the RV.
  • Secure the refrigerator bars.
  • Empty most of the water from the toilet so it won’t splash while driving.
  • Lock all of the cabinets so nothing goes flying.
  • Clean the counters, the floors, and the driving windows.
  • Remove any loose items from the bathroom and shower.
  • Clear the path and retracts slides and awnings.
  • Fill your fresh water tank.
  • Disconnect hoses and stow away.
  • Unplug all power cords and adapters.
  • Turn off propane.
  • Check the tire pressure on all tires.
  • Check the trailer lights for functionality.
  • Lock all outside doors and compartments.
  • Pick up trash around the campsite.
  • Check for any obstructions around or underneath the RV.
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