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Tips for Winter RVing

RV Survival Trips to Stay Warm in the Winter

Whether you’re a full-time RV-er, or looking for tips to stay warm on a winter RV trip, you’ll appreciate these Tips for Winter RVing. Watching the snow fall outside your window from the comfort and warmth of your RV is a magical time. But nighttime temps drop low even in areas where there is no snow, and these tips will help you stay warm in your RV in the colder months.

Insulate Windows

RV windows offer little insulation. Shink wrapping windows is a popular option to insulate your windows. Other options include plexiglass, foam board, insulation sheets, and wood. Thermal curtains offer a more aesthetic option for added insulation. Try shrink-wrapping your RV screen door for added warmth!

Cover gaps

Look for areas with drafty gaps, allowing the cold air in. Doorframes are the biggest culprit, but vents can be drafty as well. Use insulation and weather stripping, or foam spray, to stop drafts, or even just hang a blanket over the door. Consider a hatch vent insulators, which works great.

Space heaters

RVs do not often offer economical or efficient heating methods. Propane heaters with electric fans are expensive ways to heat RVs. Look for an electric space heater instead, but make sure they don’t overload your circuits. Propane heaters are another option, but make sure they are properly ventilated, or look for a vent-free propane heater. Consider condensation and fumes when using propane.


Make sure your RV is properly winterized. The experts at All Seasons RV can help with this, or if you’re a DIYer, stop by to visit our store for all your winterization product needs.

Park with Maximum Sun Exposure

Park with your windows and door towards the sun. Every RV floor plan is different, so consider where your largest windows and doors are, and make sure they’re receiving the maximum amount of sun.

Other tips

Use the oven to heat the RV. If you’re doing lots of baking, up your exercise as well for added warmth!

Happy RVing from the Team at All Seasons RV!

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