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Top 5 Pros to Renting Out your RV

Top 5 Pros to Renting Out Your RV

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One positive result of the pandemic is an increase in RV travel. RVs – whether purchased or rented – are in high demand. With this increase in demand, there are multiple outlets from which you can rent your RV. These companies streamline the process, even providing insurance to give you peace of mind. If you’re considering renting out your RV, check out the top 5 pros.

Pro #1: Maintenance Motivation

A used RV is a maintained RV; an unused RV is often an un-maintained RV. If an RV sits in storage for a long time, pests can make their home, leaks can go unnoticed, and regular maintenance can be easily forgotten. However, if your RV is getting regular use you are more likely to maintain it and discover and problems early on.

Pro #2: The Profits

This pro almost goes without saying, but the profits are a major motivator in renting out your RV. RVs can be quite expensive. Renting out your RV when you’re not using it can help offset the cost of the rig – which in turn may help you to get out on the road more often. A Class A RV can make around $250/night which can go a long ways toward your RV payment.

Pro #3: Introducing others to RV life

Since an RV is such a big investment, someone who has never camped in one is unlikely to go out an make the purchase. Renting out your RV gives you the opportunity to introduce newbies to RV life – and likely even make some new friends. You know exactly just how wonderful the outdoors life is – share that joy with others!

Pro #4: Save on Storage Costs

Not only do you make profits by renting your RV, but you also can save on the costs of storing your RV. Storing an RV can be very expensive, but if you rent out your rig enough you may be able to get away with not having to pay for storage at all.

Pro #5: Save the National Parks

This seems like quite a lofty pro of renting out your RV. However, National Parks are the number one destination for RV campers. By renting out your RV, you’re increasing exposure to these beautiful, preserved areas of the country. Increased exposure equals increased advocacy. Help others fall in love with the treasures of this country.

Yes, there are some cons

As is true of any arrangement, there are cons as well to renting out your RV. First of all, it takes work! You must decide what service to rent the RV through, market your RV, find customers, and then prepare the rig for those customers. Preparing the rig will likely mean removing a lot of your personal belongings.

Then there is the risk of wear, tear and damage to the RV. Fortunately, many RV rental sites provide insurance for your RV so you can rent with less worry. While there may be a bit of wear and tear that happens while others have your rig on the road, just as much wear may happen by letting your RV sit idle for long periods of times.

It’s time to weight the costs and benefits. Does it make sense for you to rent out your RV?

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