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Winter RV Camping Checklist

Use our checklist to help you prep for your winter adventure

While many RV owners around the Pacific Northwest have already buttoned up and winterized their RVs for the season, other adventurous families and retirees alike are just getting ready to head south for the winter. If you’re not quite ready to put your RV into hibernation but are unable to take a lengthier trip like your snow birding kin, you can still enjoy a winter “getaway” in your RV right here at home.

With year-round outdoor recreation opportunities across the state, many area RV parks and resorts stay open during the winter months, providing local RV owners ample opportunities to enjoy their natural surroundings from the comfort of their very own RVs.

Before you step on the gas, there are a few things to consider to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Use the checklist below to help you prep your rig for your next winter adventure, or have one of the professionals at All Seasons RV do it for you. Whether you need parts, accessories or a full-on service, the experienced staff at All Seasons RV in Wenatchee can help you with all of your RV parts and service needs.

Winter RV Camping Checklist

Winter Road

  • Make sure all windows are sealed and properly caulked.
  • Check weather stripping and replace if necessary.
  • Empty water tanks and add one quart of RV antifreeze to each to protect your dump valves from freezing.
  • Insulate drainage pipes to prevent freezing.
  • If you have a fresh water hook-up, consider investing in a heated water hose.
  • If your water pump is located in an exterior storage area, a space heater can help prevent it from freezing in colder conditions.
  • Seal roof vents and skylights for added warmth and insulation.
  • Test your furnace before you hit the road. If it’s not clean, clean it.
  • If you use propane to heat your rig, stock up on a few extra tanks. You will burn through the propane fast in chilly weather.
  • Prevent your refrigerator’s refrigerant from freezing and turning to gel by removing the outside refrigerator access cover and inserting round pipe insulation into two of the refrigerators three vents.

Once you’ve checked these items off your list, you’re most likely ready to plan your next winter weekend (or weekday) getaway. Check out the Washington State Parks and Recreation Winter Schedule for available campsites!

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