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Winter RV Essentials

Winter RV Essentials

The year of the RV

2020, with all of its associated restrictions, has become the year of the RV. And even though the temps have started to fall, as well as the snow, many people haven’t given up on their RV travels yet. If you’re planning on continuing to use your RV throughout the winter, there are a few winter RV Essentials you’ll want to stock up on.

Heat Source

One of the most important essentials is staying warm. You will want some sort of heat source for your RV. This can include electric fireplaces, a furnace, or a space heater. If you have a larger RV or motorhome, it likely came standard with an electric fireplace. Medium-sized rigs like Class C’s and travel trailers typically include a combination heating/AC system with a thermostat. Before heading out in the cold, you will want to be sure these systems are functioning well.

Toasty bedding

Even with a heat source, the nights can be a bit frigid in an RV during the winter. Stay warm while you’re sleeping with plenty of cozy winter bedding. Flannel sheets and thick blankets are great, but for the coldest nights you may want to consider bringing along a thermal sleeping bag.

Protect those pipes

You will want to make sure your pipes are protected from freezing before heading out on any winter adventures. You can use heat tape or pipe insulation and covers. Insulation and covers are useful for the exposed piping along the undercarriage of your RV.

Cover up

In addition to covering your pipes, you will also want to invest in an AC cover. Since you won’t be using your AC unit, a cover will help protect it from the winter elements. If you have a full cover you use for winter storage, you may also want to bring it along for the trip. This cover can be used during the day to protect your RV, and to help keep your RV warm.

Emergency Supplies

You will also want to bring along emergency supplies like the following on your trip.

  • Road Flares
  • Tire Chains
  • Extra water, food and batteries
  • Flashlight
  • Tools
  • Shovel
  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • Hair Dryer (for warming pipes if they freeze)
  • Heavy Drapes
  • Fuel additive for cold temps
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